Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Primarily Primal

So yesterday I got my raw chocolate cookbook (very exciting), and today I got my coconut cream concentrate from Tropical Traditions (my referral # is 7625207 if you ever want to try TT out). Inspired (or, honestly, just entirely desperate to get out of the stupid house), we went to Sunflower Market. I got lots of goodies. I know I should be sticking to necessities until payday, but there you have it. What's done is done. I got some hemp protein powder, chia seeds, arrowroot, almond & coconut flour, and tapioca pearls. Going to have me some tapioca pudding! I know it requires sugar, but I wonder if mashed banana wouldn't be enough flavor? Hmm...
I found a recipe for graham crackers that I'd like to make for Grace (recipe here: Graham crackers & mac daddy butter, mmm! Mac daddy butter is my homemade chocolate macadamia nut butter, made with coconut oil, raw macadamias, and some 99% chocolate. Really tasty!

While we're on the subject of food, here are some of our recent eats. I'm having a Kentucky Derby chocolate tasting party on May 7th, and I wanted to wow everyone with homemade goodness. So I got inspired to make sweet potato chips. I got a big sweet potato and used a peeler to shaved it down into a pan of coconut oil and fried them up. OMG, THEY WERE TO DIE FOR! And yes, they lead to the picture after this one. After I fried them, I patted them dry, then tossed them in a ziploc with the DCD cocoa rub, and baked them. Outta this world, dude!

So anyway, the mind blowing awesomeness of sweet potatoes in coconut oil led me to this next inspiration. Breakfast hash! I had some leftover corned beef I needed to finish, and some organic sauerkraut. Voila! Breakfast.

I should be set until dinner, unless the draw of a raw chocolate protein smoothie from my new cookbook is too much to resist trying. Dinner tonight is bacon wrapped scallops (mine is sans bacon), with grilled zucchini & yellow squash.

And just cuz it's fun, here is some photos of Grace. These were taken after she had thoroughly enjoyed carrots & ranch. Note the ranch ALL. OVER. HER. FACE.

And me rockin' the skater tee & shorts look ;)

That's all for now. I think.

Well, okay, one more of Grace, just cuz she's epic.