Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Miracle

So happy today is payday! I dunno if I told you about my green smoothie incident yesterday, but today's breakfast pudding was infinitely more palatable. Blueberries, egg white, coconut milk, hemp protein, and cacao butter. It was more soup than pudding. After breakfast, I took Grace to the park. It was pretty outside but there was a breeze so I was cold. Was texting my mom back and forth while Grace played. Could barely feel my fingers. Grace hates leaving the park, so I bribed her with a balloon from Sunflower Market. We duck walked back to the car (cuz Grace insisted she was baby duck & I was mama duck), and headed off to Sunflower. Potty break, then the promised balloon. Grace was very good, and I got her a cadbury egg for her reward. I don't normally reward for expected behavior, but Mama Bear was feeling generous. Wait. First we were ducks, and now we are bears? I know, right?
Got 6 things of butter at SM! Sorry, but Darigold Chef's Choice (unsalted) is my favorite. In taste, I feel it beats out Kerrygold Grass Fed/Pastured Butter.
We went to Smiths afterwards, but I didn't have my new member card on me, so we left and went to Good Earth. Got some liquid stevia vanilla cream there, and one other item that I can't recall atm. After that, I swung by home to grab my Smiths card and put groceries away. Grace got a quick lunch of leftover turkey wrapped cheddar and a banana from breakfast. She was a good helper too, and even put stuff away where I asked her.
So we go back out to Smiths. So glad we went back, cuz the manager of the butcher counter was marking down critter EPICALLY! I got lots of beef at ridiculous prices. 99c for liver (yes, I am still feeling brave, venturing into the world of offal), $3 for ribs, $13 for a $21 roast. Yeah, it was fun. Also got our Easter ham *licking chops*. Can't wait to have some yummy ham shank marrow on Easter.
Went to Harmons afterwards and scored POPCORNOPOLIS! My most favoritest popcorn (not that I can have any, but hopefully there will still be a little left May 1, or I can get more next payday).
Finally we swung by Maceys. Now this, my friends, is the miracle part of my post. Grace wanted to ride in the cart that has the little kiddie car attached. The buckle wasn't big enough for her, so I asked her to sit down and behave. Like two-year-olds ever listen, right? After repeatedly asking her to sit on her bum, I finally grabbed her and put her up front. She refused, tried to plant her feet, and fell backwards into the cart, on to no less than 5 dozen eggs.
Guess how many busted.
Not even a crack!
Seriously, I checked, like, 4 times.


Just got back about an hour ago (2 hours later than nap time), and put her down. Got the groceries put away, and am typing to you now. Going out to dinner to Dickeys for some righteous sliced brisket. Yum!

Must figure out how to manage the grocery bill better. I got just about everything we needed for $361. I'd like to try and get it back down to $250. Mind you, this is food for 2 weeks. I have been doing reasonably well about not shopping between paychecks unless desperate. All we have left to get tonight is an Easter dress for Grace, toothpaste, and some Easter basket goodies. I'd also like to go to IFA for some vegetable plants, and another carton of free strawberries. Grace has really enjoyed taking care of her little berries that are now just starting to turn red. She loves putting it out on the back porch every day, and singing to it when they come in at night. We'll have to see if our extra little splurges are in the budget. It's up to the man now.