Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The last few days I've been in a funk. Just tired and kinda cranky. Don't touch me. Don't talk to me.
Today is better. I don't know why.
Seeing Sunflower Market's ad for this week might have helped. So excited that they will have my favorite butter on sale 2/$5 (gonna stock up), strawberries 4/$5, 50% off all natural chicken, 88c for summer squash... CAN IT BE PAYDAY NOW? I wanna go shopping! I love Sunflower Market. Now if only Whole Foods or Trader Joes would come to O-Town, I'd be in heaven.

Less than 2 weeks left of Whole 30. Going to treat myself to some Fage Total and bacon May 1. I will do W30 again later this summer/early fall. Going to be even more strict. It's done me good. Today my Girls On The Run shirt, that's always run a bit small on the medium size tag it bears, isn't so snug anymore. When this happens, I convince myself that I've ruined my clothes by stretching them out. I've finally tried on this shirt so many times that it's all stretched out. That's it. That's why it fits.
For whatever reason, I freak out less when I think this.
My size 6 jeans are getting more comfortable too. They must REALLY be stretched out!

EDIT: My day just got better. I heard the mail truck coming, so Grace & I went outside to greet the mailman. I am expecting a few packages in the next couple days, but one of them came today. My Raw Chocolate Cookbook came a day early. WOOHOO! Can't wait to thumb through it and plot post-Whole 30 chocolate glee.