Friday, April 15, 2011

Recent Primal Eats & Feats

Got around to getting some pictures off my camera yesterday, and thought I'd share some recent goings on.

First of all... RIBS! A fellow Blueprinter gave me the recipe. Unfortunately, Andy accidentally burned my rack. I stomached it, and decided I deserved rib redemption. So I got another rack, and did it myself. Delicious result:

Om, nom, nom!

And just so anyone who lives outside of Utah can fully understand and appreciate the country's most bizarre weather... this picture was taken the day after a gorgeous, 70 degree, blue sky spring day.

Yeah, lucky us. Weirdest. weather. EVER! I swear it can be 80 degrees, mid-June, and snow the next day.

And of course, non primal eats (see? I'm a little bit normal)

This is my White Chocolate Wonderful Chocolate Mousse Pie. White chocolate peanut butter mascapone fluff layered with DCD chocolate mousse in a chocolate pie crust. I submitted it to the DCD recipe contest. I did not have a single bite, lick, or taste. Yeah, it was hard.

More random stuff:

Some girls dig the Jonas Brothers, others Justin Beiber. My girl's heart throb is Lightning McQueen. Cheers to the coolest 2yo who loves pirates and cars just as much as she loves ponies and princesses, and knows the entire world is hers for the taking!