Saturday, June 11, 2011

Everyday Paleo, Day 11

This morning was a rude awakening. Grace woke up at 7. Her pull up had leaked and her pajama bottoms were all wet. I got her changed and put her back to bed. Just as I was cleaning up, the doorbell rang.
My neighbor, that's who. I don't know what she wanted. I threw a t-shirt on and poked my head around the door with a groggy, "Hullo?"
She wasn't sure if we were up yet.
My poor husband busts his @$$ off all week, and Grace usually sleeps til 8. They need their rest.
*Huff* completely inconsiderate.

When Grace officially got up, I got her fed. I knew breakfast was supposed to be Egg Houses, but I was not entirely together upstairs yet, and grabbed a muffin from yesterday. That held me over for a few hours, and when I was hungry enough (around 11), I made those egg houses.
Super easy, btw. Gut a tomato, crack in an egg, bake. In the mean time, cook yourself some happy delicious pig belly. And voila! Breakfast:

Andy got up closer to noon, and I told him I would like to go back to bed since I had been up since 7. Oh, did I mention we were silly and stayed up till 1:30 last night? We watched The Black Swan (#2 WORST MOVIE EVER ON MY LIST!), then America's Got Talent. We also needed some things from the store so he could transplant my berry bushes. So, being the prince that he is, he took Grace to the store with him and I passed out for a few hours.
When he got home, he helped me prepare my lunch-- "Flying Shrimp Saucers". Now, if you know me well enough, you'll know that if there's shell fish involved (especially shrimp or lobster), I am so there! This was a very filling dish.
Though I suppose the flying shrimp saucers title would make more sense if I had mine on a plate instead of a bowl.

Dinner was lamb burgers. For the records, lamb is ridiculously expensive, so this was a rare treat.

The side dish was baked curried cauliflower:
Next time I think I will cook it in the frying pan. I would have liked it a lot crispier and the spices would have made awesome "breading".

Now you may recall that the government recently released a new and "improved" food diagram to tell us how to eat. My response was this (as was many other a Paleo/Blueprinter):

Now I'm going to show you what I ate for dinner. Ready?

Can you see the similarities? Lamb burgers topped with chili & a side of cauliflower and roasted root vegetables. Maybe I should have included a picture of my 64 oz water bottle as well.
Critter, plants, water. Keep it simple, silly. Your body doesn't need a whole lot for optimal performance. Ditch the grains, you'll feel so much better without them in the long run.

And just for good measure... whenever I pull out the camera, Grace is there. She sees me "cheesing" my food, and demands "Mommy cheese Grace!"
Tonight I looked up with my camera & saw this:

When did you learn to do that? Irregardless, Rock on little Fu. Rock on.


Lucy Ravitch said...

I must say I am TOTALLY impressed with all your efforts and accomplishments on making a variety of meals. I feel so frumpy in the kitchen right now and I don't even feel like making Kraft Mac and Cheese! Way to go Trish : )

P Gersch said...

Thanks, sis! I love to cook. And the meals I'm making are so easy and only take a few mins. I bet Josh could do them!