Monday, June 13, 2011

Everyday Paleo, Day 13

I woke up at 8:30 this morning. My human alarm clock didn't go off. She slept in til 9, so I had a few minutes to myself. Looked in Everyday Paleo at the menu plan for the day and danced around the kitchen.

Breakfast paleo pizza. Who doesn't love pizza for breakfast? This was really more of a glorified frittata than anything else, but I am quickly falling in love with frittatas! I will one day invent a recipe for a frittata so delicious that the only name for it will be "Ta-ta, Frittata!". Cuz it will be *snarf* gone.

Isn't it perty?
It was very satisfying! I just about skipped lunch. Lunch was leftover paleo spaghetti from yesterday. I gave Grace 1/2 a cup, but she decided after a few bites she didn't want it, so I ended up having it. Other than nibbling some homemade coconut bark throughout the afternoon, I didn't eat. Breakfast was just that filling.

Around 3:45 I looked at dinner and saw that it was supposed to go in the crock pot for 6 hours on low. Crap. Luckily there was still time to throw it together on high. Pollo con Salsa Roja. Onions, carrots, celery, chicken, and enchilada sauce. By 6, I was worried it wasn't going to be done in time. I took the chicken out and threw it in the oven. So glad I did cuz it was absolutely delicious!
Andy helped me make an avocado dip to go along with it, as suggested in the book (it also suggested serving it over salad, but I didn't see that until just now).
It was fantastic.

Andy is going to a movie with his brother. Grace is already in bed. I think I will turn in early. I recently recorded Les Mis in concert 25th anniversary edition. Should be a good watch.

Random highlite of today: I was eskimo kissing Grace & told her "I love you"
Her response: "I love you most, Mommy"


Twinwolf said...

That's adorable!

Anonymous said...

I made a new fitata the other dya that you might like. Chicken( I used lunch meat, no SN), carmelized onion and sun dried tomatoes in olive oil. It was supper yummy. I am doing no dairy right now but after my 30 day challenge I think I will add some feta to it.