Monday, June 27, 2011

Everyday Paleo, Day 27

First thing's first.
I dropped at least a pound of frozen chicken, if not more, on to my toe this morning from about 5 feet (the freezer). It's the part that connects my toe to my foot. I didn't think much of it as first, other than "Ow, ow, ow!", set the chicken out to defrost, and moved on with my day.

Breakfast was pancakes, and ham was suggested, so I had bacon, hahaha. Now, I like my egg white flax pancakes (they are a lot lower carb), but these bad boys were just as tasty and won a place on my recommended list. Nice and thick and addicting!

Grace had a big breakfast too. I swear some days the kid has a hollow leg!

Lunch was supposed to be leftover albondigas soup, but I had to run my brother in law on a few errands. I figured I'd be back by 2 and have lunch. Nope. We got home at 4. At that point, there wasn't much point in having lunch, since dinner was going to be served in an hour or two.
Except that my foot was becoming noticeably more uncomfortable... and bruised. I don't have full range of motion at the moment, but I can move, it's just not so fun. I asked hubby to cook and he delivered!

Dinner was chicken piccata over cauliflower fried rice. IT WAS RESTAURANT QUALITY! I loved it. It took nearly two hours to cook (my poor husband), and I ended up finishing eating dinner around 8:20. I highly recommend this dish, despite its lengthiness. So worth it.

If my foot isn't better tomorrow, I'll be paying my chiro a visit. He can fix anything!