Saturday, June 25, 2011

Everyday Paleo, Day 25

The menu today was veggie curry hash, leftover stew, and better butter chicken. I wasn't really hungry for breakfast, so I made the hash for Andy. There is leftovers for tomorrow, so I will take a picture of it then (and explain more in a moment).

Was not impressed with the stew last night and still wasn't hungry, so I didn't have much of a lunch either (a few nibbles of Grace's Greek yogurt, and a nap). We went grocery shopping. Would you believe we got a week's worth of groceries for less than $70? I was thrilled. That NEVER happens. Don't ask how it happened. I think it just worked out that we had 90% of the ingredients in the house already and just needed fresh veggies.

Dinner was better butter chicken, which I had Andy cook. He was a prince about it and did great.

Have you ever had one of those meals that you don't like at first bite, but then it starts growing on you? This was one of those dishes. It came down to forcing ourselves (okay, MYSELF) to leave leftovers for breakfast in the morning. The menu doesn't call for leftovers, but I thought it would go fantastic with the hash as a protein source.

To further increase his prince-like spectacular epicness, Andy is outside transplanting my flourishing berry bushes into the ground. I am so lucky to have such a nice guy for a hubbins.