Saturday, June 18, 2011

Everyday Paleo, Day 18

Breakfast was leftover egg cupcakes. I had mine with ketchup. I am very grateful to the Heinz company for making a "simply heinz" ketchup. No HFCS or other weird stuff, just tomatoes, seasoning, and vinegar.

After breakfast we went grocery shopping as a family. We had some splurges (I've been craving custard and there were raspberries on sale, and the naughty part of me wanted to try Lindt's chili dark chocolate, and Andy & Grace got some goodies to take to a movie tonight). The bill was about $130.

Lunch was leftover meatloaf with sprouts & bacon.

Dinner is "breaded" baked chicken with butternut squash soup. I am cooking them now since we are planning on seeing the 5:10 showing of Rio at the dollar theater, and wouldn't be having dinner until very late otherwise. This way we can just come home and warm everything up. It will work out perfectly.
If Grace sits through Rio, we might take her to Cars 2.


Amanda said...

Do you have a favorite yet? ... I just feel like I never have the TIME!!! Any suggestions? I <3 your blog PS

P Gersch said...

the salmon patties are fantastic (and super quick), as well as the frittatas. Oh and STEAK SKEWERS!

Amanda said...

Awesome thanks! I look forward to trying them! :)