Thursday, June 9, 2011

Everyday Paleo, Day 9

This morning had me frazzled. Breakfast was poached eggs with steamed asparagus and bernaise. Seems easy enough, right? I had some leftover mayo from one of the dishes I made last week and decided to use that. The ingredients were essentially the same (lemon, eggs, EVOO). So I poured a little into a custard dish. The recipe calls for a double boiler method. I figured I'd just float the dish in the pot of water. I poached my eggs, dished them up, then set the dish of mayo floating in the water. I thought it would be fine... except when the water started boiling, a little got into the dish and SANK IT! Bernaise #1 destroyed.
Did I mention I was already kinda "grr" cuz I dropped one of the 3 eggs on the floor when making poached eggs? So I let out a disgruntled noise, and Grace asked "What's wrong, Mommy?"
"Mommy frustrated"
I tried to rescue the dish from the boiling water. Dumb idea. I'm full of those. Including the TWO times I've stuck a butter knife down an electric toaster while in operation... but I digress.
So there I am rain dancing in the kitchen with boiling water going all over my hands, burning myself & my sweet, little daughter asking "what's wrong, mommy?"
Okay... deep breath... take #2.
I pulled the mayo I had made the week before back out of the fridge. This time I was going to be smart. I left the lid on the container, and set the container floating.
The lid blew off, and the @#$^ started to sink. I grabbed it just in time, there was still some salvageable. At this point, I am starting to go off like Yosemite Sam.
Deep breath. Okay, dummy, we're doing this the way we should have done it in the first place.
Pour leftover, salvageable mayo into pot while asparagus spears steam. Remove asparagus. Place smaller pot into the stupid water pot for official double boiler. Allow to thicken. Serve.
Voila, breakfast. *Grumble*

After I logged my food for the day on MFP & Daily Burn, I saw that I needed to earn a few calories to put me in the clear. I had a hard time getting myself going in a gym direction, so then I figured "Aha! I will walk to Amano for a bag of cacao nibs". Which is exactly what I did. It was windy, and I walked a mile & 1/2 in a head wind, pushing a stroller, with a nearly 30-lb kid. Great burn! Amano let me sample all of the cacao nibs and I decided I liked the Accra & Ocumare the best. We went home with a bag of Ocumare. I have plans for these crunchy little friends. Coconut Bark & a cherry garcia ice cream spin (with coconut milk, frozen cherries, and eggs).
Got home, and asked Grace what she wanted for lunch. She said she wanted "papu" (her word for lunch meat) and cheese. I grabbed Andy's pastrami from the fridge but for the life of me could NOT get it open. As I have mentioned before, I am pretty much a mean, cranky monster after a workout, and started Yosemite Sam-ing again. I gave up and told Grace to pick something else. We went with a cheese board (cheese & grapes). She was happy with that and I was able to sit down to my own lunch and become less of a bear. It was leftover sun dried tomato chicken slaw salad. I don't really care for salad with meat in them unless the meat is hot. So I didn't finish it. I could have sat there & picked out all the meat to warm it back up, but I just wanted to eat gosh darnit!

Dinner is beanless chili & carrot and fennel salad. We love chili, and haven't had it in a long time.

We loved it!

After dinner, Andy & I went to see X-Men First Class. Hooray for babysitters & quality time with hubby.