Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Everyday Paleo, Day 7

I say "free-ta-ta" you say "Frit-at-ah"-- Frittata For All, it's what was for breakfast this morning! How can you go wrong with bacon, bell pepper, and green onion as a base? Throw down some scrambled egg mixture with pepper and oregano, broil it, and bam! *Emeril-izing* Frittata for All. Even Grace ate it. The recipe says it serves 6, but I made 8 slices. So, in my head, that's 8 servings. I had 2 slices with the blow your head off hot sauce I made for huevos rancheros yesterday. Way yummy!

Lunch was leftover lasagna. The whole 9 x 13 dish is gone now. Andy took 1/2 of the 1/2 that was left to work for lunch, and I had the other 1/2. We were both pining away for it at dinner, wishing there was more.

Dinner was, uh... interesting. In a green eggs & ham kinda way. Garden Meatballs, made with sweet potato, zucchini, ground beef, ground turkey, and some other stuff. Today also called for baked green beans. Alas, there was no recipe for baked green beans in the book! So I had to go hunt down an online recipe. I found one by Emeril and BAM! Hubby was in love. So easy. Green beans, EVOO, tarragon, garlic salt, lemon pepper-- BAM, BAM, BAM! *giggle*

The meatball recipe says that it makes 25 meatballs. My batch made 40. FORTY! 40 REALLY. BIG. HONKIN. MEATBALLS! Sarah, did I do something wrong? It was also kinda oozy after it came out of the oven. I discovered that I like my meatballs on the crispier side. All the veggies made it kinda soggy. I had a plate of 9 meatballs, but really had to muscle my way through the last 2.

Tomorrow we will have a little weigh in to see if week 1 has affected anything in that area.