Monday, June 20, 2011

Everyday Paleo, Day 20

I just couldn't bring myself to eat any of the pot roast for breakfast! When I thought about it, my stomach churned. I had some custard instead. This time it was coconut milk custard with raspberries & cacao nibs, hot out of the oven.

I am pleased to say that Sarah redeemed herself at lunch. She had a burger patty with baba ghanoush on the menu. I wasn't sure that we had any ground beef, so I took out Italian ground turkey last night instead and made burgers with that. Grace was more than willing to chow down on a burger and some dried apples.

Mine was more simple. Just 2 patties with baba ghanoush. Prior to Everyday Paleo, I had never even heard of baba ghanoush, but it's delicious to be sure AND fun to say!
I think it would go great with just plain pot roast, or even roast leg of lamb & mint.

While Grace napped, I set up our new Roku. It's so cute and awesome. We are going to be fast friends. I also ran 2 loads of dishes through the washer and made a batch of coconut bark. This week's set is EVCO, shredded coconut, coconut cream concentrate, liquid vanilla stevia, and cardamom.
Isn't it pretty!

Dinner was Thai shrimp soup. I love shrimp.
It calls for quite a bit of broccoli, which I ended up not having quite enough of, so I improvised with a mixed veggie pack from the freezer. Yes, those are taters, precious!

The first thing out of Andy's mouth was "Mmm!". I was stunned. The recipe calls for 2 cans of coconut milk. Andy LOATHES coconut milk. He should totally have a Primal blog called "Andy Hates Coconuts". You can imagine how happy I was when the man went back for seconds. The stalks of lemongrass were not really edible, but they were fun to chew on and suck out the oils inside. It makes me want to make some sort of cold summer drink with them.
Sarah, you have officially redeemed yourself for the day! Yesterday never happened.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and hopefully I'll get my circulars. I love planning out my grocery trip!