Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Everyday Paleo, Day 14

This morning I was supposed to have leftover pollo con salsa roja, but there were no leftovers. So I made a meal I missed from day 6, Katrina's Sausage Hash.

I think it would have been better with scrambled eggs. I didn't really enjoy it otherwise. However, there's an abundance of leftovers from it, and I'm going to use it tomorrow for poached eggs over curried hash.

After breakfast, I took my brother in law to his therapy appointment, and hit up Walmart for some new boy shorts & camis for Grace. If you're not in the know, camis/tanks & boy shorts are the way to go for summer pajamas! Can't argue with 4 sets of jams for $6. After Walmart, we went to a nearby park. There were horses across the street, and Grace wanted to say hello. There was a fairly friendly one, and I was trying to teach Grace that we always, Always, ALWAYS feed ponies with a FLAT hand. Well, she didn't listen, and sure enough, pony got her little fingers and nearly pulled her through the fence. Accidents happen, lesson learned (hopefully)
I calmed her down, we said goodbye to pony, and I let her play on the playground a few more minutes. We picked up her uncle from the doctor's and helped him run a few more errands.
When we finally got home, I got Grace settled with some cheese, grapes, and chopped ham steak. My lunch was Ginger Shrimp Salad.

I used leftover avocado dressing from last night's dinner. I must have overseasoned the salad with the ginger & pepper cuz my mouth was on fire and I had to muscle my way through it a little.
Tomorrow's lunch is leftover ginger shrimp salad. I'm not so sure I'm excited for it.

Grace went right down for a nap after lunch, and I laid down for a few minutes too. When we got up, Grace wanted eggs for a snack. So I broke down and made some baked custard for her. She helped cook it, and willingly ate it. I used cardamom. Cardamom is fantastic. I love the way it smells! Very floral & orange-y. I did eggs, coconut milk, cardamom, vanilla, and stevia. I let her have a tiny bit before dinner, but her big portion came after dinner with Daddy.

Dinner was skillet salmon with baby bok choy. I got a ginormous salmon fillet from Walmart. I swear, it's half the fish! The directions said to toss chives with fish sauce, chili oil, sesame oil, and honey, but I didn't have chives or honey so I improvised with green onion stalks and agave. The whole whale was not going to fit into a skillet as directed, so I threw it in the oven. While that was going, I softened/steamed some bok choy in a pan with coconut oil. Top with cashews
The result was this:
I haven't had salmon since my wedding reception in 2001. I hated it. Still wasn't 100% on board with this recipe, but it's always good to try new things.

Off to put my kid to bed & spend the rest of the night at primary meeting.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Play group, reading time at Grace's preschool, and grocery shopping!