Saturday, June 4, 2011

Everyday Paleo, Day 4

So this morning is huevos rancheros... only I have no ha-la-pen-o (jalapeno). Yay for my continued unpreparedness. Y'd'think by now I'd have all the groceries for week 1. Nope.
I told Andy my dilemma, but he just now left. It's almost lunch time! I'll be having huevos rancheros another day.
Tomorrow is Fast Sunday... Lunch is leftovers, but breakfast is pancakes *smacks lips*. I REALLY want to try it, but it's also going to have to wait.
I was so hungry this morning, I broke down and had 1/2 cup Fage Total. Eagerly awaiting lunch now.

Lunch is a nice spinach salad.

Dinner is an adventurous beef & curry stew. Which Ma hated (she's completely stone faced despite my offering to make or go get her ANYTHING she wants).

The stew called for thai curry paste. Who keeps this around on a regular basis? I hunted down a recipe online and made mine from scratch. Proud to say I had 99% of the ingredients it called for! Here's the recipe for the curry paste I used:
Also proud of myself for cutting off the majority of the fat from the beef we're using in the stew. I did throw the fat into the pot, but at least it's not attached to the meat. I think it's a step forward for me.

The snack of the day is sunny deviled eggs. I kinda feel like it was a fail. Not the recipe! Me. I couldn't get the yolk to be fluffy.

Hope you had a more successful cooking day than I did.