Thursday, June 2, 2011

Everyday Paleo, Day 2

The agenda today calls for leftovers, only I didn't make the egg muffins until last night, so they're still kinda fresh. Can't wait to hit them up with some salsa for egg muffins ala ranchero! Recipe calls for 1 doz eggs, bell peppers, green onion, baby spinach, and bacon. It made 24 "muffins". Talk about a great, easy, and quick grab-and-take breakfast.

Lunch is leftover turkey & slaw from dinner last night. I also made the sun dried tomato dressing to put on it. Very tasty.

Dinner is steak skewers with cauliflower fried rice. I think this one will be the winner today. We've made the skewers before and they were decadent! The cauliflower rice might be trickier... not sure I have cauliflower, LOL. Let's hope so!
We DID have cauliflower, and I DID make the cauliflower fried rice. It was yummy, but I didn't think to take a picture.

P.S. Must offer apology to Sarah for straying from the path tonight. My Mom (who is visiting this week) said she'd get some ice cream from the store. I told her that I could make her some and it would have less of an impact on her blood sugar. She said "That's okay, I'll just get the sugar free stuff." To which I sort of launched into a Wicked Witch of the West melting tone, BEGGING her to let me just TRY to appease her palette. I couldn't stop thinking about all the chemicals and crap in the stuff at the store, when mine is only made of coconut milk, vanilla, eggs, and a little stevia, AND SO GOOD!
She came home with strawberries... and bananas. I guess she's going to have a little faith.
I told her if she wants to move in with us that she's going to have to eat TONS healthier, and take better care of herself. She put up an argument, and said that she was happy she's already outlived her parents. Insert self *Head-desk* here.
She's my mom. I want her to live forever. Even when we butt heads. She, like most of the world, can't understand why critter, EVOO, and no grains is healthier than chips & pepsi.

RE ON ICE CREAM: Ma was a great sport and tried my ice cream. She thought it was vile. Hey at least I tried & she tried.


Kim said...

Have patience with her. Her habits are hard to undo. You've worked your way through it & know you've got something good. She's not there yet so be careful to value the relationships more than proving your point.

Former Chips & Pepsi girl

Kim said...

Have patience with your mom. Habits are hard to break. You've found something good but she's not there yet. Make sure you are showing her you value her more than you value proving your point. Sounds to me like she's being a pretty good sport!

Former chips & Pepsi girl