Sunday, June 19, 2011

Everyday Paleo, Day 19

First of all, Happy Fathers Day to all my Grok Brothers & daddies.

Aside from breakfast, today's menu was Fail-button worthy. Let's start with a positive note though.

For breakfast, leftover egg cupcakes were on the menu, but we ate them all, so I got to do my own thing again. Yay! I made Andy pancakes with homemade whipped cream and strawberries, with scrambled eggs and bacon. He seemed to like it. I was drooling over the pancakes, and totally jealous Andy was sharing a few bites with Grace.

I had baked custard for my own breakfast, using heavy cream. SO GOOD! I put some raspberries on top as well. I must say that HWC makes a huge difference when making custard. So much smoother in texture than coconut milk. Plus, it rained all night, and there's nothing quite like a hot breakfast on a rainy day.

I was going to start lunch when Grace insisted on a shower before church. I heard Andy laughing and he called me into the bathroom. Grace had taken off her pants and undies and put herself in the tub. No getting out of showering now!
Normally she wants daddy to wash her, but today she let me shower with her so we could go to church squeaky clean. She even scrubbed me while I scrubbed her. It was very sweet and innocent. I wish she could stay that way forever.

After shower, I got started on the big production of skillet ginger citrus chicken and kale. Andy was already slaving away on dinner (pot roast). I must not have seasoned lunch enough cuz it was really bland. Fail 1.

Andy needed thyme from the garden, so I went outside to get a few branches. However, the planter had flooded and uprooted half of my plants. I was stressed and alarmed. I bailed my poor babies out, and added a whole new bag of soil. Andy says he will drill some drainage holes. I hope they survive.

When we got home, I felt hungry, so I caved and had another custard, this time with a square of Ghiradelli sea salt soiree. I konked out on our bed around 5:30, despite Grace trying to beat me up. I wasn't really hungry for dinner, so I suppose it didn't help what happened next.
Around 6, I realized I had completely forgotten to prepare the side dish of mashed yams. Dinner was 15 mins later. Blargh. Not happening. She says they only take a few mins in the ol' pressure cooker, but not everyone owns a pressure cooker. I guess I will have to try it on a different day.

Dinner was "Perfect pot roast". Okay, in all fairness, the meat was fine. However, the sauce looked and tasted like vomit. Sorry, Sarah. This meal is an F for me. It's down on the bottom of my list along with the curry stew.
The vegetables were too sweet. Not yummy sweet either, but like bizarre, smack-your-chops-cuz-you're-not-sure-what-you're-eating sweet. The recipe calls for red wine, but we don't keep wine in the house. We tried to improvise with grapes and apple cider vinegar, so that could be part of the problem.
I choked down the veggies and meat and ran away from the table.

I am supposed to have leftovers for breakfast, but at this point I am in tears, begging "Oh, please, Sweet Little Baby Jesus, DON'T MAKE ME EAT IT!"

Off to watch Drop Dead Diva Season 3.


Logan A Nance said...

The wine does make the difference in the perfect pot roast. My mom makes it about every two years for me and Michelle when we come up for the holidays. All you really need is a small bottle of cooking sherry that you use in place of it.

P Gersch said...

The problem is we are Mormon and do not keep alcohol in the house. I know, I know "but it cooks out". Yes, that may be true, but it's the principle of the matter :)