Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Everyday Paleo, Day 15

So here we are. Half way through the project. Yay! I love the food I'm eating, but I'm already looking forward to July when I can have free reign over what I eat and be more on the fly again. I think I'll start cracking down early and getting ready for Whole 30, round 2. Going to try to stick to just meat & veggies with a little fruit through Grace's birthday, and then start Whole 30 on the 10th.

Today's breakfast was poached eggs over curried hash. I'm glad I made the hash yesterday and reconstituted it today because it saved me a TON of prep work. Andy said he liked the hash, and I bet he'll love the reconstituted stuff tomorrow. It had zucchini in it, and that's one of his favorite vegetables.

After breakfast we got ready for playgroup. I can't believe we were at the park for 3 hours. It worked out perfect. I munched on homemade trail mix most of the time (cashews, golden raisins, and cacao nibs). Grace ran around barefoot, and played in the drinking fountain with some of the boys from church. One of them stripped down naked cuz he was afraid his mom would get mad at him if his clothes got wet. It was really funny... also first time Grace has seen a boy. No questions arose. She probably wasn't even paying attention. She got super soaked, so I had her go play on the playground again to dry out. She started digging in the wood chips and got her pants (and underwear) FULL of chips. I had to strip her down in the trunk of our car to shake it all out. It was awful. It was really nice visiting with other moms from the ward, and I've known most of them for as long as Grace has been alive. It's nice to feel like you're connected to something.
After playgroup, we went to Grace's preschool for story time. Today's subject was bugs. Grace loved it and did MUCH better than last week. She didn't sit still, but she wasn't running wild either.

We stopped by WinCo on the way home for some yams for dinner, and I also got Grace some Greek yogurt and dried fruit snacks (they had Pixar Cars on them, and the only ingredient is, for example, dehydrated apples). Came home, fed Grace, and was supposed to have gingered shrimp salad for my lunch, but was still plenty full from the trail mix at the park (I only packed a ziploc snack sized bag, and had 3/4 of it. Grace had 1/4).
Put Grace down for a nap, but she had trouble falling asleep. She didn't konk out til 3 or 3:30, and she usually goes down at 1:30. I took the opportunity to snooze, too. When I woke up, it was 5:30. I needed to get dinner on. Pulled together the ingredients for dry rub burgers. I was afraid they'd be too spicy with the chili powder, cumin, red pepper, and white pepper, but they weren't at all. The sweet potato fries, however, were.
Sarah, I think you have an unhealthy relationship with cayenne, LOL!
Seriously, it's been in almost EVERY recipe this week.

When dinner was done, we went grocery shopping. I had $100 in my wallet, and had to make it work until Andy gets paid on Friday. He said the other day that he's missed the quality time together shopping gave us, so I decided to drag him along. We came in just under $100. Yay!
We will go shopping again on Saturday.
He wants me to start shopping twice a week because our fridge is tiny, and things will be fresher that way. I'm afraid I'll spend more, but we shall see.

Off to bed!