Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Everyday Paleo, Day 8

Soooo... breakfast was so crazy delicious, I forgot to take pictures of my plate before I sucked it down like a dyson. It was blueberry pancakes. Who doesn't love them some pancakes? The recipe called for almond meal, but I was clean out, and it was grocery day. So I improvised and used flaxmeal instead. I had them with the last of the frittata. SO GOOD! Lucky for you, I made 12. Grace had 3, I had 3. The other 6 went on a plate.

Breakfast was 892 cals, 47 carbs (22 net), 45 protein, AND WORTH EVERY BITE!

After breakfast it was off to Sunflower Market. I love, Love, LOVE this store! Spent $147. They were sampling the Barleans Fish Oil, which was perfect. I had been eyeing this stuff for a few weeks now, knowing I needed something to help balance out all the meat I eat. The gal let me try all of the flavors. I was worried they would be chalky and nastay, but they were FAN-FREAKING-TASTY! I got the lemon one. Must not come in contact with a straw or IV in immediate future...

After shopping, I took Grace to her preschool for story time. It was way too close to her nap time, and she'd just been in a shopping cart for an hour, and refused to sit still. Whenever I'd try to get her to behave, she'd start to have a meltdown. I felt really embarrassed and we left as soon as the teacher was done reading. I will try again next week. Give Grace plenty of play time in the morning, hit up reading time, down for nap, THEN shop. Wednesday is my new grocery day.

When we got home, I put her in bed, and gave her a bora bora bar. It was fast and easy, and I didn't hear a peep from her for the next hour. In that hour, I fixed myself lunch. The meal today was sun dried tomato chicken slaw. I used the leftover sundried tomato dressing I made last week (since it already had most of the ingredients mixed in), and cooked up some boneless, skinless chicken thigh. Tossed it with cabbage that I broke into pieces, some almond slivers, and black pepper. It also called for an apple, but I was already way over on my carbs for the day thanks to the epic pancakes. I tossed it with some baby spinach.

I also confess to trying my hand at coconut bark today. No pictures, cuz I don't want you to know about my dirty little secret. 1/2 cup melted coconut oil, 1 oz cacao butter, 1 oz coconut cream concentrate, some dutched cocoa powder, and liquid stevia. Let it set in freezer, break it up, eat some. I think it's a great way to get more coconut oil into one's diet. I wonder what would happen if I did coconut oil & the barleans lemon fish oil I have?

After Grace got up from her nap, we finished our shopping run. Went to Winco to buy the bulk of what was left on my list. I think I spent $56-ish. After that we went to Walmart, and I spent another $67. Some of the items were NOT part of the Everyday Paleo grocery list. Just so we're clear. I got Grace some new shorts, and I'm still trying to perfect a "regular" ice cream recipe for the sake of my wonderful husband. I like coconut milk ice cream, he DOES NOT.
He was just walking into the park when I got home. He helped put the groceries away while I got dinner started.

dinner was collard wrapped tilapia.

Have you ever had collards? I've never had collards. I liked them. Andy did not. It was so easy to make them! Blanch collard leaves, place tilapia fillet down, smother with coconut oil, season with lemon pepper, sea salt, and paprika.

I did a twist of key lime on mine.

After dinner, I seriously needed to earn some calories to help balance out my day. I also had Primary in an hour. So I went for a wog. I jogged part way up the hill to hell, also jogged 3 blocks, up to medical center, around, and to Primary president's house. Had our meeting, and I jogged home in a headwind.

I'm a little winded, especially since I'm still shrugging off the last of my sinus infection/cold.

OFF TO BED! Thanks for reading.


gojirama said...

Blueberry pancakes- yum. I make mine with a combo of flax and coconut flour- I find almond meal ones just fall apart!