Thursday, June 30, 2011

Everyday Paleo, Day 29

Breakfast was supposed to be egg houses (see Day 11), but I was kinda "Meh". So I had bacon instead. Fed Grace and got us ready for the morning, off to playgroup. It was warm, but breezy, so perfect. Munched on homemade trail mix, and shared my Chuao Firecracker bar with the other moms there (sharing chocolate = love... and less temptation for me).

(Grace at park, cuz I totally rocked her wardrobe this morning-- a dress she outgrew with jeans, a rainbow necklace, and purple hairband)

On our way out, I accidentally smacked myself pretty hard in the face with the car trunk door. My clumsiness continues to amaze me. Monday I injure my foot, Tuesday I twist my ankle, Wednesday I give myself a black eye, Thursday I probably will burn myself, and Friday I will just tell Andy to let me die in a dark corner cuz I give up & the week isn't even over yet!
After that, we headed over to Kids Village for reading time. I met a new mom who had a girl just a few months older than Grace and they are going to be in the same class together in the fall.
When we got home, I wasn't really hungry for lunch, even though Andy generously left me a stuffed bell pepper. I got Grace down for a nap, then laid down myself. My head was hurting when I got up, and dishes and chores needed to be done, and I just felt BLAH. I hated to do it, but I asked Andy to cook.

Can I just say again "LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOY!" The man delivers every time. It would seem that he's even getting into the spirit of food porn. Look how pretty he made the chicken piccata the other night, and tonight's dinner:

pork tenderloin with cherry sauce over mashed cauliflower and a side of roasted fennel

Did my man deliver, or did he deliver? I kind of feel like Sarah is putting on a fireworks show with these last few meals, so we must give her props, too!

Also, giving credit where credit's deserved, Andy (being the Golden Boy extraordinaire that he is) won his company's yearly prestigious coin award for exemplary performance. So proud. My guy rocks!

After dinner, I completely spaced Primary presidency meeting, despite reminding Stacey about it at playgroup. I blame the imaginary concussion! We went to Sunflower for some berries (on sale, woo!), and Grace's pool deflated right after she got out of it yesterday, so we bought her a new pool. New AND improved. It has a water sprayer thingy & water slide. She's going to LOVE it! Andy is getting a tarp tomorrow to lay on the grass & protect our investment.


gojirama said...

Beautiful! I love fennel, though I've always pan fried it instead of roasting it.

Mamalissa said...

Can't believe you forgot pres. meeting. If you were going to ditch anyway you should have taken me to ZUMBA!

Congrats to Andy on his award.

P Gersch said...

LOL, Melissa. I have a bruise going down my face as an excuse for prez meeting. We will totally Zumba soon!